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Digital Security


At J.S. Kramer & Associates, our investigations with respect to computers and the internet include, but are not limited to:

Digital Forensics
Digital Security and Consulting
Incident Response
Acceptable Use Policies

With the explosion of computer and Internet use, many people are placing large amounts of information into the digital realm every day. In the vast majority of cases, these people believe that their activities are anonymous and can hide behind various screen names and e-mail addresses.

Our Information Technology investigators are fully skilled in being able to find digital evidence, wherever it may reside. As well, we provide world class computer security, consulting, and individual training as regards phones, tablets, personal computers and online data management.

All Information Technology investigations are handled through another division of the Grayson Group of Companies, Computer Evidence Recovery, Inc. which can be visited by clicking HERE

We provide:

Executive Protection
Tour Security & Management
Special Event Security
Risk Analysis
Security Consulting

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